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Dr. Stephanie.

Relationship Expert.

Speaker. Author. Therapist.

Business Leaders come to Dr. Stephanie for Consulting on How To Repair Workplace Culture.

Stephanie has her Ph.D. in Counseling and Human Services.  She has been a Workplace Consultant, helping businesses to diagnose and repair workplace culture problems.

Workplace Team Managers Hire Stephanie to Provide Workshops on Conflict Resolution.

Stephanie is an expert in relationships and conflict resolution.  She is a trained mediator, and her Dramatic Results program includes a Conflict Resolution Workshop.

Families Come to Stephanie for Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and Premarital Counseling

Stephanie has been in Private Practice as a Couples Therapist since 2002.  Her formal training included a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She has been practicing conflict resolution with couples and families for 15 years.

People Talk to Stephanie in Psychotherapy about overcoming personal struggles and challenges.

Stephanie provides Individual Therapy, and she specializes in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, and depression.  She helps people to overcome life challenges in a confidential, compassionate environment.

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Dr. Stephanie Weiland-Knarr

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