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What kind of RELATIONSHIP REPAIR do you need help with?

Repairing Your Relationship With Your Self?

In just 4-6 sessions Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Improve Your Self-Confidence, Decrease Depression Symptoms, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, or Resolve Past Traumatic Experiences

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Repairing Your Relationship With Your Significant Other?

In just 4-6 sessions or via online class Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Improve Your Intimacy, Decrease Fighting, and Repair Relationship Problems Including an Affair

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Repairing Your Relationship With Your Children or Parents?

In just 4-6 sessions Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Fix Problems, Improve Communication, and Have Fun Together Again

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Repairing Your Relationship With Someone on Your Work Team?

In just 4-6 sessions Dr. Stephanie or one of her Repair Associates can help you to Learn Strategies to Communicate To Get Solutions, Have Improved Work Productivity, and Remove Tension

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Meet Dr. Stephanie

My Name is Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr, and I Help Successful Hard Working People Fix Relationship Problems in Their Personal or Business Life

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness or Success in Your Relationships!

… After all, What good are the rewards you have worked so hard for if you have no one to share them with or a business culture that is negative and toxic?   If you are having drama and fighting at home or work – or if you have grown apart from the people you want to spend time with, then we need to get you some Relationship Repair ASAP!

This is Where I Come In.  With Relationship Coaching I Can Help You Repair and Find Joy in Your Relationships via Video Conference from the Comfort of Your Home or Office.

My Best and Brightest Clients over the years have been hard working Small Business Owners, Government and Business Leaders.  So, I have dedicated my International Coaching Business to your Relationship Success!

My expertise is both personal and professional. Personally, I am from a  close, supportive family that is successful both in business and relationships.  Shout out to my rock solid husband Brendan Knarr and my family at Weiland Doors, Inc. Professionally, my Ph.D. is in Counseling and Human Services and Marriage and Family Therapy. I have been servicing couples, families, and business workplaces for over 15 years and continue to provide local therapy in the metro Baltimore and Washington DC Region.

Simply put, I like coaching other hardworking, financially successful people to have happy relationships both at home and in their business life.

With Your Hard Working Attitude and My Experience, We Got This…

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Dr. Stephanie Weiland-Knarr

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