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It’s National Marriage Week!

February 10, 2020 at 3:59 PM

Did you know that it is National Marriage Week from Feb 7 – 14?   And considering my work as a marriage and family therapist, there was no better time for me to spend the past weekend in Seattle at the Gottman Institute (see me above in the picture) both experiencing and being trained on how to teach the Art of Science and Love weekend Workshop for Couples!  This workshop is internationally known, and I will be excited to start planning to teach workshops on the East Coast as well as in the Midwest during the upcoming year.  If you would like an Art and Science of Love workshop in your city, please reach out so I can consider presenting in your location!

The National Marriage Week website highlights the many physical, mental, financial, and spiritual benefits to being in a secure and happy marriage partnership.  What creates a successful marriage is both the small day to day affection and appreciation that we give our partner to help them during our earthly journey.  And… it is being influenced by our partner and being able to successful resolve problems and disagreements.

I was very touched when the presenters (both Ph.D. therapists) how to discuss and resolve a Regrettable Incident (AKA a marital fight) on stage in front everyone.  As any married person will tell you, we all have them.  Sad to say, I had one not too long ago myself!  And as I am all too aware, although we don’t go into marriage thinking about being experts at conflict management, we must become an expert in order to have all the other positive benefits of being married…

If you are going through marriage problems or you just want to improve your connection with your partner, please register and schedule an appointment with one of our Relationship Repair Associates today.  And… stay tuned for more information about upcoming weekend workshops and retreats later in 2020!



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