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Business Relationship Coaching

Relationship Repair Rescue Package for Business

If you manage a great business or workplace but you NEED to have an Improved Workplace Culture, Better Relationships With Your Employees or Team, or Better Methods for Improving Employee Performance   – Then Please Look at the Packages Below and Apply to be one of Dr. Stephanie’s Clients.  Get the Convenience of Relationship Help Via Video Conference at Times In Your Schedule Convenient For You!

Dr. Stephanie only has Time to accept a Handful of Relationship Coaching Clients Each Month. Please apply to be a Relationship Coaching Client with Dr. Stephanie by Scheduling a FREE 15 minute Strategy Session via her online scheduling. (Put Make Appointment Button Here)

$4000 –

This package guarantees you results.  You will improve your knowledge of better ways to communicate with your employees or we will repair conflict within a business team or family business.   We will set goals for your particular business needs.

  • FREE “How To Improve Your Business Relationships and Stop Conflict Quickly at Work in 3 Easy Steps” Webinar
  • 8 Priority Repair Coaching Sessions (These can be any combination you would like of you individually or you can include a business team member or member(s) in some of Sessions 2-8 as prepared for in earlier coaching sessions)
  • 4 Follow-Up Maintenance Coaching Sessions To Make Sure You Are Reaching Your Goals and Maintaining Successful Progress
  • Up to 10 Emails Between Sessions To Improve Strategy and Progress and Answer Questions You May Have Between Coaching Sessions

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