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Make Your Life Matter

Make Your Life Matter: How to Motivate Yourself to Repair Life’s Problems and Overcome Adversity

The Make Your Life Matter program includes inspirational stories from everyday people Stephanie has assisted in her role as a professional therapist, including people who during a crisis felt that their life did not matter anymore.  Stephanie shares stories to encourage people during any life journey to overcome adversity and to Make Your Life Matter, and famous people in history.  Stephanie believes that one of her jobs as a professional psychotherapist is to motivate people during their inspirational journeys from crisis to triumph, and talking about therapy in this way adds in a flavor of destigmatizing mental health problems.  Her motivational message is appropriate for all age groups, including college students and youth.  Stephanie includes a dose of comedy, a little upbeat music, and some interactive self-assessment tools to have the audience engaged and inspired.

After attending Make Your Life Matter, your audience will:

  • be inspired to overcome negative messages from people who discourage audience members from trying something new or different, personally or within your organization
  • feel motivated to find meaning in whatever personal or organizational challenges and suffering they are currently facing
  • view it as normal to seek help for a personal crisis or an organizational crisis.
  • be more likely to repair a personal crisis by seeking assistance from psychotherapy, EAP counseling, or peer counseling (whatever your organization promotes as a helpful tool for people to seek help)
  • to see challenges and obstacles as a normal part of life that they can rise up from if they have the right attitudes and tools for coping
  • have a practical tool they can use daily to overcome negative messages and roadblocks on their personal path to success
  • be able to follow six steps on a handout to repair relationship problems – since relationship success is an important part of what Makes Your Life Matter!


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