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Marathon Intensive Therapy

Marathon intensive therapy with Dr. Stephanie includes a half day (3 hours), full day (6 hours), or three full days of therapy.

The benefits of intensive therapy are many.

Dr. Stephanie has found that some of her clients get better results from having a half day or full day(s) off of work to really focus on their therapy goals without having to go back to work.  Rather than commuting over to therapy sessions for six weekly or bi-weekly appointments, the client can just take one day off work and drive to therapy one time.

Another benefit is achieving therapy goals faster.   Dr. Stephanie has used intensive sessions for Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and for Trauma EMDR Therapy.

Instead of having to stop and start therapy goals, we can resolve several relationship problems at one time and/or resolve and treat several traumatic memories all at once.  Many clients have reported more immediate relief rather than waiting for relief to occur over a period of many weeks or months.

If you would like to schedule a Marathon Intensive Therapy with Dr. Stephanie, please email her some days on your calendar that work for you… and whether you would like a half day, full day, or multiple days.   In most cases, there will be an online or in-person consultation in advance of your intensive therapy for the purpose of preparing your therapy goals, so we can get straight to work during your marathon therapy session.

Fees are $650 for half day, $1250 for full day, or $3650 for three day intensive.

Dr. Stephanie may also consider traveling to your destination for a fee that covers her time spent traveling and her travel costs.


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