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-you are having regular fights with your partner that are causing you emotional pain and it may even be distracting you from your work and daily functioning

-there is too much distance and coldness between you and your partner that you can no longer cope with

-you or your partner may be saying “I am not in love” and one of you may even be asking for a separation

-you may have found out your partner has been having an affair or you may be the one thinking about cheating because you are so unhappy

-you may be fearful and downright in a panic about the thought of losing your relationship, your home, your children, and/or your finances

-you desire more intimacy and closeness in your relationship

I understand you have probably already tried many times to repair your relationship by yourself or with the help of friends or maybe your church, but it is just not working.  Sounds like you need some Relationship Repair, and the good thing is that you do not even need the cooperation of your partner to get started with diagnosing and fixing what the real problem is.

If you are a Successful Person then you NEED to have Less Fighting and Grow Closer with your Significant Other NOW so you can get back to focusing on your business and career responsibilities.  You desperately need to have your relationship be your safe haven and your relaxation from the stress of your career responsibilities, Not the other way around.  Right?

I can help, and the good thing is that you can have the Convenience of Relationship Help Via Video Conference or a Phone Call at Times In Your Schedule Convenient For You!  Let’s get you back on track, stop the fighting, and have REAL INTIMACY with your partner again!!!

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