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Couples Therapy

Affordable Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling in Baltimore DC Region

Most people are going through a lot of emotions when they decide to contact our office to help with relationship problems.  So, our goal is to help answer all your questions and respond quickly so you can start repairing your relationship right away!   

When you select Dr. Stephanie’s Relationship Repair Shop as your provider, you have the benefit of choosing a Top Relationship Expert in the Baltimore Metro DC region.  Stephanie has been interviewed about her Relationship Repair Program for Couples on Washington DC News Channel 8 and on WBAL-11, in addition to being quoted as an expert by Forbes, USA Today, and MSN.  At the same time, you will find that Dr. Stephanie and all of her associates are very personable and caring.

Dr. Stephanie provides her services and free advice in and around Silver Spring, Laurel Baltimore, and Columbia in the state of Maryland (MD).

Benefits of Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

  • Many partners are able to resolve problems that they are having arguments about, including problems related to trust, communication, in-laws, finances, parenting and sex.  In some cases, people are even able to resolve past infidelity, domestic violence, or addictions that have plagued the marriage.
  • Partners learn how to repair problems right in the therapy session so that they are better equipped to resolve future problems without attending more sessions.
  • People can prevent separation and divorce – saving money, heartache, and emotional consequences for their extended family, children, and community.
  • Partners are taught behaviors and attitudes that help lead to a more successful relationship, according to the latest relationship and marriage research.
  • Couples develop a positive relationship with a professional, so that if future problems arise they have someone objective and knowledgeable that they can turn to for help.
  • If partners are unsure about staying committed to the relationship, the counselor will not make a decision for the couple, but will make recommendations and discuss concerns to help guide them towards making a good decision.  
  • Even if partners choose to not stay together after attending therapy, many people find that the skills learned will still benefit them in future relationships.  In many cases, people say that they have more peace of mind ending a relationship after seeking professional guidance.

Here are some common questions and answers …

Q.  What is the cost?  

A.  Costs range from $15 – $200 per one hour session, depending upon the experience of the therapist that you select and whether or not your insurance covers sessions at our therapy practice.  To keep the cost affordable for your budget, some people attend therapy every two weeks or once per month, and they still make progress and improve their relationship!  If you have no money in your budget for this service you can consider entering our next contest for free couples therapy on our homepage.  

Q. How many sessions do we attend?

A. For most of our clients, six to eight session is the ideal amount of time needed to reach therapy goals.    However, some couples attend sessions  for several months and some only attend two or three sessions in order to reach their therapy goals.

Q. What happens during our sessions?

A.  We discuss and resolve any relationship problems that you have encountered, and we teach you techniques that you will be able to use to work out future relationship issues that you will have. 

Q.  Are weekend and evening appointments available?

A.  Yes, however it may take longer for you to get an appointment depending upon the time of year.

Q. What training do you have?  

A. Stephanie received both her Master’s Degree and Ph.D. specifically from AAMFT programs, and she specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy at both levels.  She has also attended countless workshops and seminars to continuously improve her knowledge, including completing Level 1 training from the Gottman Institute.  Stephanie is also on the National Registry for Marriage Friendly Therapists, which requires the highest level of education, skills, and training in couples therapy.  In addition, Stephanie supervises all of the therapist associates who are currently working at various Relationship Repair Shop locations.

Q. How can I trust that you will not side with my partner when we are having arguments?

A.  Your therapist will take the side of your relationship.  So sometimes, we may urge one of you to make changes for the benefit of your relationship success.  However, your therapist will explain the reasons for any recommendations.  In most sessions, you will find that your therapist will make suggestions for how each person can make changes that will benefit the relationship.

Please view information about Fees and Insurance. Without insurance, session costs are $80 per one-hour session for Therapist Connie Wesley, $125 per one-hour session for Therapist Sherrie Ludwick, and $200 per one-hour session with Dr. Stephanie Knarr.

What Are The Next Steps?

Step 1. Select a Counselor at one of our Locations that is right for your budget, location, and schedule.

Step 2.  Make An Appointment by clicking on the button at the top of the page.  Schedule a One-Hour Appointment with your Therapist.  Or Contact Our Office to Get Help Booking an Appointment.  After your appointment has been booked, your counselor will be in contact with you to confirm and to make sure you have the directions for your first appointment.

Step 3. Between now and your first appointment, peruse the free resources here on our site, including the Free Couples Therapy Worksheets, Relationship Advice on Stephanie’s blog and by subscribing to her You Tube Channel. Many couples also benefit from reading Stephanie’s book Relationship Repair for Couples, attending a live marriage seminar, and by taking the Love Live Relationship Quiz on the homepage to grade your effectiveness at resolving your romantic relationship problems!

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