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Therapist Columbia Md: Get Help for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

We understand that you are reading about psychotherapy because you may be feeling your life slip out of control.  Some people who are extremely stressed from life’s challenges even begin to feel hopeless- and by the time they get to their first session they are depressed and feeling like nothing matters.  We want to help you feel less confused and more clear about your emotional struggles without costing your pocketbook a ridiculous amount of money.  

Dr. Stephanie has had to overcome many life challenges herself, and she knows how hard it can be to work through your problems so that you do not end up feeling anxious, depressed, and traumatized from life’s burdens.   We hope you will watch Stephanie’s motivational video “Make Your Life Matter” below to hear her personal story as well as a message of hope and healing.   When you hire Dr. Stephanie or one the therapists, you also have the benefit of working with a top therapist in the Metro DC Baltimore and Laurel region.  Stephanie has been interviewed on Washington DC News Channel 8 and on WBAL-11, in addition to being quoted as a mental health expert by Forbes, USA Today, and MSN.  At the same time, you will find that Dr. Stephanie and all of the therapist associates working at her locations are very personable and caring.

Dr. Stephanie provides her services and free advice in and around Silver Spring, Laurel Baltimore, and Columbia in the state of Maryland (MD).

Benefits of Psychotherapy

  • Research shows that most people who attend five sessions of talk therapy report reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma.
  • Many people who are going through a difficult life situation do not want to discuss their feelings with friends and family, leaving them more isolated and more likely to suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Psychotherapy helps people to get the support they need.
  • We believe that most problems people seek therapy for  come from difficult experiences in their family life, work life, or in the community that are causing emotional symptoms.
  • Although many people worry that having mental health symptoms means there is something wrong with them or that they might be permanently mentally ill, in fact most people do not need years of treatment to get better.  Most people need short-term therapy and their symptoms improve.  
  • Depression, anxiety, acute stress disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder are treatable disorders that can be healed.  

Here are some common questions and answers about individual psychotherapy…

Q.  How much does psychotherapy cost? It costs anywhere from $15- 250 per 45 minute to 75 minute session depending upon if we accept your insurance plan, how long of a session you choose, and which therapist you choose to work with.

A. Please read more about fees and insurance and contact our office to get a quote for the cost.

Q. Will my therapist understand what I am going through?  

A.  It is normal for people to feel nervous to meet their therapist for the first time. Rest assured, all the therapists here at the Relationship Repair Shop are compassionate. We want to help you heal your Relationship with Yourself.  One important thing to know is that your therapist is required by her ethics code to have her own therapist!  So, she probably understands what you are feeling more than you may realize…

Q. How many sessions do I attend psychotherapy and how frequently?

A. On average, most clients attend 6-8 sessions however some people attend much longer (sometimes a year or longer) and some people only attend 2-3 sessions to discuss a problem that they want advice for.  It is common for clients to attend a weekly session, but some clients attend 2-3 sessions weekly in the beginning to help them feel better sooner and other clients see a therapist one time per month. You can ask your therapist to make recommendations, but ultimately there is no pressure and you will be able to decide how much or little psychotherapy is right for your life and your budget.

Q. What happens in Psychotherapy?  

A.  At the first session, we discuss YOUR goals for therapy and develop a therapy plan.  Your therapist will give you suggestions for goals and treatments that might help you but ultimately you have control of your sessions.  Some people worry about what they will talk about, but remember it also your therapists’ job to help facilitate a discussion that will benefit you and help you to reach your goals. 

Q.  What types of Psychotherapy do you provide? 

A.  Our therapists are trained to provide Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Client-Centered Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy for the Treatment of Trauma Symptoms and Anxiety, and Other Psychotherapies.  If there is a certain type of therapy that you would like to try as a treatment approach, we recommend that you tell your therapist right away!

Q.  Are weekend and evening appointments available?

A.  Yes, however it may take longer for you to get an appointment depending upon the time of year.  Generally, appointments during business hours M-F are more attainable for an urgent appointment.  You can go to the online appointment scheduler to determine if there are open appointments that will work for your schedule.

Q.  I noticed that Dr. Stephanie and some of her associates are a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist.  Are you able to provide psychotherapy?

A. Marriage and Family Therapists are also trained as psychotherapists to provide individual counseling. As a regional Baltimore and Laurel psychotherapist since 2002, we provide grief therapy, supportive therapy, and cognitive therapy for a variety of conditions and situations. Our areas of expertise in psychotherapy in Baltimore and Laurel include the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety.

What Are The Next Steps?

Step 1. Please review more About Dr. Stephanie’s training and expertise as an individual psychotherapist.   Associates Sherrie Ludwick, MS, LGPC and Connie Wesley, MS have information about their expertise available for your review as well. We want you to choose the right therapist for your needs and budget. Fees range from $15-$250 for 30 minute to 75 Minute sessions. You can read more about Fees and Insurance to help you select the right therapist for your budget.

Step 2. Select a Therapist at one of our Therapy Locations.

Step 3. Make An Appointment by clicking on the button at the top of the page. Schedule an Evaluation Psychotherapy Appointment with your Therapist or a shorter 30 minute appointment or phone consultation if you would prefer.  Or Contact Our Office to Get Help Booking an Appointment. After your appointment has been booked, your therapist will be in contact with you to confirm and to make sure you have the directions for your first appointment.

Step 4. Between now and your first appointment, peruse the free resources here on our site, Advice on our Blog, Videos, and More!

Dr. Stephanie Motivational Video “Make Your Life Matter”


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