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Detoxify Your Love Life

March 14, 2018 at 2:33 PM

Recently I was thinking about how people set goals to detoxify their body.  Sometimes they do a juice cleanse.  Always they set goals to completely avoid all sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soda, and anything that is not healthy for their body.  This is so great for wellness!  I am actually not one who has done a full detox for days at a time but I do fast regularly.  I have recently lost 10 pounds doing the Warrior Fast.  I eat only a few snacks of protein or fruits and vegetables during the morning and afternoon.  Generally, I am probably intaking about 400 calories during the day.  Then, in the evening I eat a regular dinner with portion control and only one portion of carbohydrates.  I still eat some kind of a snack before bed, sometimes more protein or some popcorn.  I am feeling amazing with tons of energy.

Just recently I was thinking, what if I did a detox for my relationship and get my clients to do the same?  I started today, and I am challenging myself for 30 days.  No complaints or criticism towards my husband, only positive comments.  I am going to be extra supportive and loving.  Today, I left a voice mail that was just nice and thoughtful like back when we were dating.  In recent years, it seems like we are so busy each day that if I get his voice mail I just hang up and text him whatever my question is.  Today, I got the voice mail again (he is with customers).  Sigh.  But instead of hanging up I left a nice voice mail.  Maybe that’s akin to a fruit smoothie?

All right people, let me know how this goes.  I think it’s going to be really bring some closeness and passion back into my relationship, and I am committed to making it work even if….. I mean when my husband gets a little grouchy!


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