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The Happy Couple – Get Ready for YOUR Summer Wedding With Premarital Counseling

February 26, 2018 at 8:25 AM

We still have room for a few more couples in our Premarital Counseling Program.  It’s that time of year where couples are getting ready for late spring and summer weddings, so spots are filling up quickly!

The best part of Premarital Counseling is that you can have even more confidence walking down the aisle after taking the PREPARE Inventory to find out your areas of strength and agreement as a couple, in addition to discussing and finding resolutions for your areas of weakness and disagreement! One of my associates or I will help you get set up to take the PREPARE and then help you resolve any areas of disagreement that the inventory identifies.   Even if you and your significant other have really gotten to know each other, there may still be certain aspects of married life that you have not discussed that could pose a problem for you in the future.  So, it’s great to try and prevent some of those future problems that could come up in married life!

More important is the fact that I will also review conflict resolution techniques with you as well as other important building blocks for a successful marriage relationship.  We want you to feel an even deeper love and commitment on your wedding day.  Knowing you have the tools you will need to resolve problems in your relationship can help you with that.

Finally, you will have a relationship with a marriage therapist who can help you with any difficulties or stressors that you may face as a couple in the years to come.  I cannot emphasize this enough, because so many couples start having marriage problems but then they wait until it’s too late to repair them.  However, if they already know who to turn to when the problems start, it is much easier.  Married life is wonderful, but it also can have it’s challenges.   Remember marriage is “For better or worse” and most couples face life difficulties that can put a strain on their marriage.  With the right tools and support, you will be able to get through it and I want to provide that for you!

So… have fun getting ready for your wedding, try not to stress out, enjoy the journey, and Schedule Your Appointment with me for premarital counseling!  More information is also available about premarital counseling on my Premarital Counseling Page.

All Heart,

Dr. Stephanie



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