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What Child is This?

December 21, 2018 at 4:26 PM

Since I am a practicing Christian, I am thinking about the Christ child as we move into our upcoming holiday.  The child was a surprise and so many things about the birth and life of Jesus surprised his parents!

I am continuously also surprised by my own children.  Sometimes the dreams I have for them as a parent are not met, as I watch my children take a different path then I had envisioned for them.  As parents, we watch our children fall down and make mistakes that we never thought they would.  At other times, we see them rise up and take on challenges that we never would have expected!  Parenting is pretty much a series of surprises!

Do you love and accept your child for who he or she is?  Or do you try to make him or her into someone else?

Acceptance is a theme with so many of my clients right now who are having to let go of some dreams for their children while embracing others.  It’s not an easy task.  Within our partnerships, we also hopefully know what the stories are of our significant other.  Our spouses and our siblings and our parents each have their own childhood history.  Were they loved and accepted as a unique person with a personality all their own when they were a child?  How about now?

So many people do not feel loved, accepted, or validated by their family members!  During the upcoming holiday week, I urge you to show love and acceptance.  As much as I encourage people to discuss and resolve relationship complaints, ’tis the season to put relationship complaints aside and show appreciation for one another’s strengths and accepting our human limitations.

If you need help with learning to show validation and acceptance towards your children, your significant other, or other family members during this season or anytime… please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment!

And remember, you are but a precious and unique child of God. Or, if you are not a believer, then you are a precious and unique child of the Universe.  My goal as your therapist is to see you for the unique gift that you are this holiday season and always….

Much Love and All Heart, Dr. Stephanie

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