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As a business leader, you have enough headaches to solve – which means you don’t have time to respond to employees fighting with each other.  Workplace conflict can easily get put on the back burner until you realize that unresolved problems have been festering, and you now have a disloyal culture that is costing you money in turnover and lost productivity. According to the CPP, US Employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict equating to approximately $359 billion in lost productivity per year, however less than half of these employees have had any training on how to constructively resolve complaints that come up on a work team!


  • Improve your organization’s bottom line and workplace culture as fewer resources will be spent on Drama, conflict, and turnover.
  • All levels of leadership, management, and employees will learn a fun method for respectfully resolving coworker complaints.
  • Leaders and managers will know how to implement cutting edge strategies that a) role model how team members will show value to one another when resolving problems, and b) establish formal and informal methods for coworkers to resolve complaints within team relationships.
  • Your organization will see decreased formal complaints and diminished turnover during the twelve months after Dramatic Results is implemented by leadership and managers.

Dr. Stephanie inspires everyone in your workplace to get Dramatic Results by having a Customer Service Counter for their coworkers!  This is what Dr. Stephanie calls a Relationship Repair Counter,™ and she teaches employees how to apply customer service skills to deescalate complaints from fellow managers, employees, and coworkers.

The Dramatic Results Program includes options for the following relationship repair methods for your organization:

– Diagnostic Interviews – Dr. Stephanie performs interviews with employees at all levels of your business organization to assess for unresolved problems, workplace bullies, and ineffective complaint resolution strategies. After the diagnostic interview, Stephanie will give you a written evaluation report with recommendations for changes that you can implement right away to start reducing costs and improving your workplace culture.

– Consulting – Dr. Stephanie will consult and follow-up with leaders and key business managers about how to best implement recommended strategies to repair the workplace culture and create Dramatic Results.

– Workshops – Stephanie will provide Dramatic Results Workshops for departmental teams that are identified to have problems with in-fighting and complaint resolution.  The workshop provides conflict resolution for the team and teaches all team members how to constructively voice and resolve the complaints of coworkers.

– Keynotes – Stephanie gives a Dramatic Results Keynote on Relationship Repair to your  workplace organization.  The keynote motivates everyone within the organization to know exactly how to constructively voice workplace complaints and resolve them, thereby reducing overall conflict within the business culture.

Being here was so much fun. I am so ready to open my Relationship Repair Counter™ with my coworkers – and to see the outcomes and results that we are going to have on our projects!

Brenda Barbosa

Keynote Audience Attendee

Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr has been specializing in conflict resolution for 15 years as a Workplace Consultant, EAP Counselor, and a Couples Therapist.  Many business and workplace audiences have benefited from her workshops and seminars.

Stephanie has been featured as a national relationship expert in Forbes, USA Today, and she was interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine in October 2015. She was recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine.  Click the logo below to listen:


Business Innovators Magazine


Please contact Stephanie today to find out how to reduce conflict and improve loyalty in your workplace culture!

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